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Cook hearty meals with hearty essentials from these stores

NEW  |  FEB 1, 2023


When it comes to cooking hearty meals, your ingredients are of utmost importance to ensure a tantalising taste throughout all of your dishes. The better the ingredients, the better the dish and at Woodlands Boulevard, you’ll never struggle to find quality produce and essential spices to create your favourite dishes with. Create wholesome meals from recipes by some of your favourite chefs with these stores by your side.  

But if you’re not a chef, or couldn’t be bothered to cook a meal from scratch because honestly there are some times when the thought of standing in front of a stove for hours just isn’t appealing, don’t worry, these stores have got you covered with some of the best home-cooked meals in this mall in Pretoria east.

No matter what you’re in search of when it comes to dishing out the good stuff, these Woodlands Boulevard stores have got a selection of different types of meals for dinner that is sure to please everyone. So gather the loved ones and stuff them full of the heartiest and most mouthwatering dishes you can come up with and be the talk of the town for being the host with the most when it comes to the most important part of a dinner party – the food. 

Cook or collect a feast fit for royalty 

With these Woodlands Boulevard stores, you’ll easily be able to step up your cooking game, whether you’re a heat-and-eat kind of chef or an aspiring foodie at heart. Grab a trolly and start loading all your hearty meal necessities so you can get back and get prepping for the dinner of the season. 

Pop into Checkers to shop for affordable quality ingredients to make your meals from scratch or to browse their range of ready meals so you can simply heat and eat without anyone knowing. Stocking an impressive selection of produce, dairy products, meats, fish, canned goods, herbs, spices, and everything else you need to put on a feast, Checkers is a must-stop shop when hosting any and all events at home. 

Whether you’re looking to surprise your guests with a creation of your own or looking to play it safe and buy something you know is firstly edible and secondly delicious, you’ll never go wrong when you shop for your dinner essentials here. From ready-to-cook casseroles, lamb shanks, pasta bakes, and curries to all the delicious side dishes that just aren’t worth the hassle of making from scratch, Checkers is ready to help you take your food game to the next level. 

And if you’re just looking for some snacks for before your dinner, you have got to visit their cold section, where you’ll find an extensive range of both local and international best-selling cheeses that are perfect for setting the scene for what’s to come. 

Another great store to visit to pick up everything you need for a dinner party of note is Pick n Pay in Woodlands Boulevard. With shelves laden with top-quality ingredients, from the essentials to the lesser-known ingredients, Pick n Pay has everything you need to cook an incredible meal from scratch. 

Again, if cooking from scratch is not your thing, you’ll find a great selection of ready-to-heat meals that are guaranteed to transport your and your guests’ taste buds into another country and enjoy the delicacies of nations both near and far.

Hearty, healthy meals 

If you’re cooking for guests with dietary restrictions or a wellness warrior that has no time for unnecessary carbs and fats, then Wellness Warehouse is the store for you. Here, you’ll find a selection of healthy and organic foods that can replace their unhealthy counterparts with ease. Make cooking for your diet-restricted loved ones easy by visiting Wellness Warehouse and stocking up on the best quality ingredients so that you can cook a hearty, healthy feast with ease. 

Weigh it up 

Are you looking for a store that is completely planet-friendly and plastic-free? Then The Refillery is here to deliver on all fronts. This exciting, new planet-friendly grocery store stocks the highest quality, ethically sourced products without all the wasteful packaging, making it easier and more eco-friendly than ever to keep your pantry stocked with all the staples. Pop into The Refillery, grab or bring a jar and get weighing only what you need for the night's feast so you can be sure nothing goes to waste. 

Final words 

No matter which type of meal you are looking to either create or heat, these Woodlands Boulevard has a selection of both the finest ingredients and the best home-cooked meals available for your ease. Pop in to one of these grocery stores in Pretoria today to get everything you need to ensure that your next dinner party goes off without a hitch.

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