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Escape to magical places on pages with these bookstores



At Woodlands Boulevard, you’ll find everything you need to escape from reality for just a few hours. Whether you’re looking for your next adventure in the form of the latest best-selling fiction title or looking to create a world of your own in the pages of your favourite notebook, Woodlands Boulevard has everything you need to get started. Use pages to escape into a new world; whether you read them or create on them, the choice is yours. The only limit is your imagination. 

For the bookworms

Pop into Woodlands Boulevard to browse through some of the best bookshops around Pretoria until you find the title you’ve been searching for. Let your inner bookwork run wild between stores and enjoy every second of the hunt before you get transported into another reality where any and everything is possible. The only limit is the number of pages in your latest find. 

Are you a bookworm that can’t say no to great value? Then Bargain Books will have you saying yes at every turn of the aisle. As South Africa’s leading discount book retailer, Bargain Books' mission is to provide its customers with innovative and quality products, great value for money, and excellent service. You can tell this as soon as you step foot into this store as you are met with friendly faces and aisles lined with an array great of value-for-money titles, ranging from the latest best-sellers to the classics and everything in between. As the leader in Afrikaans, children’s, and mass-market fiction in South Africa, Bargain Books is the bookstore to visit when you’re searching for lesser-known titles. With its extensive range and exclusive offerings, Bargain Books is truly a bookworm’s paradise. 

Escape into the welcoming aisles of Exclusive Books and let your inner bookworm run wild as you get lost among the sea of titles before you. Browse through a selection of fiction novels, non-fiction titles, best-sellers, DIY books, and more until you find the one or many titles that draw you in. Get ready to get them bagged or take a seat and start the trip to another realm right where you are, and forget about all your troubles as you embark on an adventure of a lifetime and go wherever the pages may lead you. 

If you’re looking to add to your gospel collection, then CUM Books is the store for you. Stocking the largest variety of Christian titles in South Africa, CUM Books in Woodlands Boulevard is where you’ll find a wide range of Christian products such as books, notepads, bibles, and an array of novelty gifts. Pop in today to give yourself the gift of the gospel.

For the bookworms and the crafters  

If you’re in a hurry and looking for a store that stocks great reads, arts and craft supplies, novelty stationery, and more, The Crazy Store has got you covered on all fronts. With an emphasis on value, variety, and crazy savings, The Crazy Store is the perfect place to stock up on everything you need to get the creative juices flowing. From best-selling books, art kits, paints, canvases, stationery, and more, you’ll be hard-pressed not to hurry home and start creating after visiting the store. Pop into The Crazy Store at Woodlands Boulevard to browse their extensive selection of products and let your imagination run wild as you decide on your next creation. Because hey, you never know what you might find or create.

For the stationery addicts 

Walk into every stationery addict's dream when you enter Typo in Woodlands Boulevard. With shelves filled with unique gifts, stationery, art and craft supplies, creative decorations, and more, you’ll find yourself quickly inspired to get creative by what’s in front of you. Take your time and browse through their quirky products that’ll help keep you creating and expressing yourself through the power of art. Whatever your medium or style, you’ll be sure to walk away inspired when visiting any Typo.

Final words 

Escape to an array of magical places through pages with Woodlands Boulevard's selection of bookstores that’ll take you on adventures and have you experiencing new worlds that you never even knew existed. Channel your imagination with the help of your new adventures and get inspired to start creating your own reality. Visit Woodlands Boulevard to stock up on everything you need to get inspired and get creating.

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