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NWJ Fine Jewellery

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Food Lover's Market Entrance
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Monday-Thursday 9:00-19:00, Friday 9:00-20:00,Saturday 8:00-19:00, Sunday 9:00-19:00, Public Holiday 9:00-19:00

Starting as a small, almost inconspicuous store in the middle of Durban in 1983, NWJ is today, one of the fastest growing retail jewellery chains in Southern Africa, a significant feat indeed!
The business has always been service focused, Hylton Rabinowitz, Chief Executive Officer and founder of NWJ, explains; which is another reason why NWJ has been voted the best place to buy jewellery in the Daily News Readers Choice survey for the past 6 years.
NWJ is unique in the respect that, as they have their own manufacturing division, they are able to skillfully craft their own jewellery and bring it directly to the public. This represents huge savings for their customers because in the distribution chain, their jewellery doesn't pass from one middleman to the next, with each middleman adding a mark-up.
It also means they never have to compromise the quality of their jewellery, to keep prices affordable!

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