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Understanding different types of camping experiences

TIPS AND TRICKS  |  DEC 31, 2022


When it comes to camping, there are a few different levels of camping experiences depending on your comfort levels. For the more adventurous souls, camping is a simple answer when it comes to how they enjoy unwinding, but for the not-so-adventurous souls, camping can seem like the answer to the question, how can we torture you? Depending on your experience, comfort with being in the great outdoors, and equipment, camping can be a fun adventure for a weekend you will remember fondly for years to come, or it can be an experience you will never forget, even in your nightmares. The right equipment can go a long way in making sure you enjoy your next camping experience, so be sure to stock up on all the essentials before your next getaway so that you can be prepared for any and everything the great outdoors has in store for you. Get ready for the right camping experience with the right gear and tools from Woodlands Boulevard.

Stock up on all your camping essentials at Woodlands Boulevard

We know all too well about the different camping styles when it comes to spending a night in the great outdoors. Some like to sleep under the stars, while others need a bit more comfort than camping provides. No matter your camping style of choice, whether an avid camper or more of a glamper, these Woodlands Boulevard stores have got you covered on all your camping essentials. Spending a night without walls and a roof does not mean you can’t have a slice of luxury; you just need to make sure you pack it along with you. So, what are the main things you need for camping? Let’s take a look below.

For the avid outdoor enthusiasts 

For camping essentials for avid outdoor enthusiasts, these Woodlands Boulevard stores have got you covered on all your must-have camping gear. From tents, camping chairs and tables, stoves, stove-top kettles, outdoor gas bottles, sleeping bags, bed chairs, and more, you’ll find everything you need to elevate your outdoor experience at these stores. Visit Woodlands Boulevard today to see how you can take your camping experience to the next level. 

Cape Union Mart has been equipping South African adventurers since 1933, so they know a thing or two about camping essentials. Experienced in all things outdoors, Cape Union Mart is South Africa’s favourite adventure store, and we can see why. With shelves lined with quality outdoor goods, you’ll find everything you need to enhance your next camping experience as well as take on any outdoor adventure that tickles your fancy. Tick off those outdoor adventures on your bucket list with the help of Cape Union Mart in Woodlands Boulevard, and get ready to take on a new adventure like never before!

The home of camping, hiking, and off-roading supplies, Outdoor Warehouse is a must-stop shop if you’re looking for quality camping essentials. Pop in to browse an array of outdoor products that are designed to stand the test of time and help make “living” in the great outdoors just that bit more civilised. Stock up on your basics, such as tents, sleeping bags, outdoor lights, and more, and take advantage of Outdoor Warehouse’s warehouse feel to easily browse for exactly what you need. Whether you’re in search of the basics or looking to build a mini-home away from home, Outdoor Warehouse has everything you need to keep the comfort levels at an all-time high during your camping adventures. 

With a devotion to simplicity, Trappers strive to both make and stock beautifully considered, timeless, locally manufactured outdoor goods that are classic, authentic, and readily available. This no-fuss, no-frills store is inspired by the African adventures and lives for the next one. Visit Trappers in Woodlands Boulevard to stock up on quality camping basics that will keep you covered for many years to come. 

For the glampers 

Are you more of a glamper by nature? We see you and know where the priorities lie – in the fits, of course! Pop into these Woodlands Boulevard stores to get the perfect camping outfit so you can feel comfortable taking on a new adventure and, of course, look good doing it! 

If you’re off on an adventure that will require a decent amount of fitness, then Totalsports is the store for you. Stocking a range of fitness and outdoor clothing and footwear, Totalsports in Woodlands Boulevard has got you covered on the latest and most fashionable workout wear that’s perfect for outdoor activities. Pop in to pick up your latest glamping outfit today. 

Looking for outdoor wear that will last for many adventures to come? Old Khaki is here to deliver all your must-have quality outdoor clothing essentials. From windbreakers, hiking boots, trail running shoes, thermals, leggings, and more, Old Khaki clothing is well-made, durable, and affordable, which makes it the perfect store to stock up on your outdoor clothing.

Don’t forget 

Stock up on all your essentials, including first aid kits, insect repellent, and sunscreen. Dis-Chem has got you covered when it comes to all the medical and supplements you could possibly need, and they also have some handy travel-size vanity kits to keep you both looking and feeling fresh. 

Final words 

Woodlands Boulevard has a store for everything you need to take on your next trip in one of the camping stores Pretoria. Whether it be for a night under the stars or for a glamping trip of note, you’ll find everything you need to stay comfortable and enhance the experience of the great outdoors.

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